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 Yardstick's vision is to make learning enriching and joyful experience. Yardstick designs and implements learning programs for children, engaging their keen, inquisitive and imaginative minds via hands-on educational activities. At Yardstick, we believe in “celebrating children,” so they too can become knowledge creators instead of passively acquiring information from textbook learning alone.

Yardstick provides specific services to all the stakeholders in a child’s education – from parents, teachers and administrators to the students. Our activity-based curricula mapped to the syllabus encourage children to understand, appreciate and apply the subject being taught. Our team attempts to give personalized attention to each and every child.

Making learning an enriching and joyful...
Yardstick is committed to providing the best possible materials and the most effective procedures for getting students deep into scientific concepts and increasing scientific temper. Yardstick curricula engage students to investigate experiment, gather data, organize results, and develop conclusions based on their own actions. The information gathered in.

Learning by doing
“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” Yardstick believes that learning should enable the students connect to real world; hands-on learning enables each child to learn concepts in his or her own unique way


Mathematic and Science learning tools